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An Update from MWMF

To our MWMF supporters and fans: as we approach the 15th Anniversary of

Mid West Music Fest this year, we want to share some changes on the horizon.

15 years ago, Mid West Music Fest was created to promote music and art in the region, creating opportunities for artists, music lovers, and more. We’ve accomplished so much in that time, and have celebrated alongside every one of you. That being said, there have also been significant changes within the music industry landscapes. It's becoming increasingly difficult for a small local festival to compete with the number of national festivals, and rising costs of production. This has resulted in a need for both internal changes in our non-profit, and for our festival events this coming year. 

Our 15th Anniversary celebration in Winona is taking place May 10-11!

We promise to bring you one of our best fests yet, with a mix of fan favorites and newcomers that celebrate the legacy of MWMF. In order to bring you the fest that you love, we have taken some time to look at what we do, and how we do it. For the 2024 Winona Fest, we’ll be reorganizing set times and where you’ll see certain types of bands, which will make it easier for you to hit everyone you want to see! Band submissions and Early Tickets will come out soon, but our lineup will not be final for a little while still.

As for La Crosse, we’re taking the first half of this year to evaluate the future of the fest. We love the La Crosse fest, but it’s become clear that the festival, as it has been, is not sustainable. We're NOT saying goodbye to La Crosse, but we are taking a little time away to rethink and regroup. We’ll keep you up-to-date as those plans develop.

Contributions to the festival also play a major role in our ability to run both festivals. To sustain MWMF, we will be announcing festival memberships, partnerships, off-season events, and student initiatives so you can support our non-profit mission in the long term.

We're looking forward to celebrating with you May 10th-11th in Winona!

With gratitude from the MWMF Board & Staff


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