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Sat. Nov 4 | 10:30pm
The Pumphouse

The Minneapolis-based music duo iLLism, made up of Envy and Fancy, has an impressive track record that speaks volumes about their artistic abilities. Their unique sound blends various genres like Hip-Hop, R&B, Jazz, and Minneapolis Funk, and they enhance their music with live band performances. They have over 150 TV shows and films featuring their music, proving their extensive experience and knowledge. The duo has received numerous accolades and awards, including the Minnesota Black Music Award in 2022, and have performed at prestigious stages such as Ted Talk, Paisley Park, NAMM in Anaheim, and SXSW in Austin. In 2021, their album Family over Everything reached #1 on the North American College and Community Radio Chart.

But iLLism's focus is not solely on their success. In June 2022, they opened The Legacy Building, where they provide resources and opportunities for Black artists to flourish. iLLism's commitment to uplifting Black artistic contributions has a beneficial impact on their community serving as a model for others to follow. iLLism is devoted to nurturing and preserving their artistic community and personal pursuits, ensuring a lasting legacy.

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