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Sat. Nov 4 | 9:30pm
Root Note

Siul Reynoso presents a singular sound informed by the complexities of an equally singular identity. A uniquely memorable songwriter, vocalist, and guitarist, Siul’s lo-fi surf rock gems are defined by his ability to balance and integrate American pop music with traditional Mexican styles like Ranchera and Cumbia to create something truly new.

Spending various parts of his childhood in both Mexico and the United States, it was often difficult to feel as if he was fully a part of either culture or country. This lack of belonging was confirmed by the nickname he received from his friends in Mexico: ‘Gabacho’, which means ‘foreigner ’ in Spanish. He is able to express himself lyrically in both Spanish and English, and sometimes Spanglish, helping him to resonate with audiences in Latin America, the United States, and the broader English speaking world. Most importantly, his ability to hold both cultures has given him a special place in the hearts of Latino Americans, many of whom understand the unique pains and privileges of a multifaceted cultural background.

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