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Fri. Nov 3 | 6pm
The Weber Center

Charlieboy is the byproduct of Keegan, Kaya, Owen, and Sam. Each bringing their own thoughts and processes to their well-defined, one of a kind sound. Entangling art rock with pop, jazz, punk, prog and even folk; having no one label or genre in mind has allowed them to write and express themselves without the borders.

The crew became what is know as Charlieboy in the Summer of 2021, shortly before their very first release "More Flora": a home recorded, five track EP, released in March of 2022. More Flora is the culmination and embodiment of specific past experiences regarding love, friendship, pain and healing. All of which, written during the band mates highschool days, years prior.

Shortly after the release of More Flora, Charlieboy was nudged in a new era, with new songs stemming from a more mature and collected state of mind. Which is evident in the group's debut studio album, "People Garden" released in October of 2023.

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