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Cassie Brady Trio

Fri. Nov 3 | 7:30pm
The Main

In 2022 Cassie Brady [Cass Magpie, The Lavender Project] started a unique project called The Natalie Trio with bandmates Eric Gerke (drums) and Dave Armstrong (bass). Originally a jazz trio this project evolved into a band of improvisation - hard hitting songs created on the spot.

More trios came to be as Cassie searched for other musicians to add to the spontaneous creation [Mara Trio, Scarlett Trio, Dolly Trio, Luna Trio].

Now, nearing the end of 2023, Cassie is consolidating her group of trios and preparing to hit the road as the Cassie Brady Trio. Her confessional lyrics and roaring guitar makes this a must see band - each show unique to it's own moment in time.

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