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The Shackletons

Minneapolis, MN
9:00 PM
Two Fathoms Brewing
For Fans Of... The Replacements, The Hold Steady, Having a good ole time

Comprised of three brothers digging themselves out from the snowbanks of Minneapolis, The Shackletons are a rock n' roll trio pedaling hooks as if they were traveling snake oil salesmen. Putting on electrifying live performances, Colin (guitar/vocals), Cameron (bass/vocals), and Evan (drums/vocals/) pitch their elixirs - distilled essences of punk, blues, indie, and whatever is leftover in stock - to suspecting customers.

The brothers have been on trade exhibitions of their own design, as well as warming up crowds for other reputable merchants such as Lucero, The Ike Reilly Assassination, Craig Finn, and Tommy Stinson. All products (or songs, if you prefer) have been created in soundlabs that are kind of spooky, but not outright evil with mad scientists like John Fields and Ed Ackerson.

Returning home with all sorts of newfound treasures and experience from their Lucero-led galivant across the country, the boys got to work on their sophomore album. "Formerly the Albatross" is a venture out of their indie-rock roost into something that sounds as beautiful as a secular stained-glass mural in the path of a barreling freight train. The album will be released this coming June.

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