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Madison, WI
5:45 PM
Blooming Grounds
For Fans Of... Caroline Polachek, Lung, Samia

Sigra is a dilettante and likes it that way.

Dubbed “Indefatigable” and “otherworldly" by Tone Madison, Sigra’s music, often dealing with the nuances of identity and interpersonal relationships, is marked by her ethereal vocals and deft lyricism.

Between studying opera and classical voice for more than a decade and moonlighting as a bassist in a couple punk rock acts, she is at her most comfortable and most effective when straddling multiple genres, aesthetics, perspectives.

Her most recent effort, 2023’s 'Scavenger' is a collection of five songs hailed as “gems of vulnerability” (Tone). Produced specifically with shoe string budget touring in mind, 'Scavenger' goes to prove how much Sigra can do with minimal instrumentation and a couple borrowed talents (including fellow MQBS band member Quintin Bovre on guitar).

Outside of her musical projects, she is the author of a poetry and essay collection, 1-800-TRUTH (Salon des Refuse, 2022) and the cofounder of the indie music and arts fest Instar Experience. She is also a silversmith with distinction from New Approach School for Jewelers and uses her talents to make weird art with bugs and bones.

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