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Sheep for Wheat

Winona, MN
6:30 PM
Peter's Biergarten
For Fans Of... Modest Mouse, Mason Jennings, The Beatles

Much like the popular board game the band was named after (Settlers of Catan), Sheep for Wheat has 4 players, is deceptively simple and playfully modular. The band came together at Winona State University in the mid-2010's and has been sporadically active all over the driftless region in their years as a band. After over-hearing a concert goer once describe their music as “Midwest Surf” they have since adopted this as their unofficial genre category; more so their music has influences of classic rock, bluegrass, blues, jam, among others. All members contribute composition, melody, and lyrics to the songwriting process. With songwriting that balances the complexities of nostalgia with a straightforward celebration of joy, Sheep for Wheat is the old friend at the neighborhood bar who you are glad to see. And as the music plays you may turn your head, tap your toe, and ask them back for another show.

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