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Radium Girls

Winona, MN
5:00 PM
Peter's Biergarten
For Fans Of... The Breeders, The Cars, The Muffs

Power pop trio from Minnesota.

Radium Girls are undeniably decendants of the Riot Grrrl scene blending fuzzy guitars, feminist themes, and honest lyrics. Founded by members Amber Fletcher, Cassie Brady, and Megan Hanson, the Radium Girl sound is profoundly simple - sweetness and angst.

A primary feature of the Radium Girls is the instrument swapping between Cassie Brady and Megan Hanson breathing life into the set as they take turns leading the songs. The roaring guitars, vocal harmonies, and massive pop hooks coalesce with striking precision -- femme power pop.

[Affiliated acts:

The Ultrasounds, The Reachouts, Cass Magpie, Cassie Brady Trio]

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