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Mark Mallman

Minneapolis, MN
11:45 PM
No Name Bar
For Fans Of... Prince, The Hold Steady, Husker Du

Mark Mallman's, stage persona is legendary. From MTV to NPR, is expansive body of work has enthralled audiences for over two decades. Critics from USA Today to Wired and NME have hailed Mallman as a musical force to be reckoned with, as his music resonates globally. His latest album, "Happiness," adds yet another brilliant chapter to his ever-growing repertoire of indie rock gems. Mallman constantly pushes the boundaries of his artistry, utilizing groundbreaking techniques like singing via telepresence robot and harnessing EEG MIDI brain control music. Notably, he even penned the song "Flowers" for the acclaimed TV series "Rick and Morty." With his marathon performances that defy sleep and last up to 78 hours, Mallman consistently astounds audiences.

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