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Lucy Michelle

St.Paul, MN
9:00 PM
Two Fathoms Brewing
For Fans Of... This is the Kit, Adrienne Lenker, S.G. Goodman

Out of St. Paul, Minnesota, Lucy Michelle made her name as a songwriter fronting bohemian folk-pop troupe, The Velvet Lapelles. For years, they drove a big van up and down both American coasts and all across the middle. Back then, Michelle spun her journeys into songs of cities, mountains, people's lives, and hauling her amp out at bar close.

Journeying on, Michelle started a family in 2014 when she had her first child. This coincided with her first solo record, the triumphant Attack of the Heart, with collaborator John Munson. The era also saw her take to electric guitar, forming an alternative group, Little Fevers.

Lucy Michelle now returns with a new solo record, Womanly. The record reveals the past seven years of her story as a woman and mother of three in a time of societal trouble. Her familiar voice, amidst lush accompaniment, tells an intimate story of motherhood, the work of relationships, and the responsibility of caring for others. On Womanly, we find Lucy Michelle sharing her vulnerability, asking what lies ahead in uncertainty and hope.

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