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Landon Conrath

Minneapolis, MN
6:15 PM
Levee Park
For Fans Of... Dayglow, COIN

Minneapolis musician Landon Conrath, known for his songwriting, production, and instrumental prowess, gained traction since his debut album "Nothing Matters Anyway." After touring with acts like Yam Haus, Windser, and Ber, he readies his EP "Songs of a Past Life," out April 26, 2024. This EP, with tracks like "Debbie Downer" and "Overrated" alongside indie-pop tunes "Hollywood" and "Space Invader," showcases Landon's versatility. Produced by Landon and Caleb Dee, except "Debbie Downer" by Bradley Hale, the EP offers six tracks. Launching a 26-date US tour on January 31, Landon delves into past heartbreak and youthful experiences. Despite his current happiness, he believes these songs resonate with long-time fans, reflecting on earlier works. With 60 million+ streams, Landon Conrath continues to leave his mark in music, his EP "Songs of a Past Life" poised to captivate audiences with its blend of nostalgia and growth.

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