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Christy Costello

9:30 PM
Two Fathoms Brewing
For Fans Of... Monica LaPlante, Bikini Kill, Babes in Toyland

Christy Costello is a mover and a shaker in the Twin Cities Music Scene. She's a songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, disc jockey, talent buyer, promoter, mother, and yogi. Hailing from the Iron Range of Northern Minnesota, she is no stranger to the great outdoors. Her music blends the ferocity and rawness of nature’s elements, the new and exciting energy of a house show, mixed with the adrenaline rush of an all-night downtown disco. Her first-rate songwriting has been showcased in previous bands like Pink Mink and Ouija Radio, as well as her raw and unforgettable stage performances in Monica LaPlante, Butchers Union, The Von Bondies, and Extraterrestrials. This is Christy’s turn to step to the front.

Christy’s current lineup includes Monica LaPlante (bass), Orion Treon (guitar/synth), Austin Cecil (drums), and Matt Pahl (sax/auxiliary instrumentation).

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