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Chris Koza

Minneapolis, MN
2:45 PM
Acoustic Cafe
For Fans Of... Aimee Mann, John Prine

Composer / Performer Chris Koza is an internationally-recognized Americana artist. Chris has toured the US extensively, sharing the stage with Gordon Lightfoot, Brandi Carlile, Ingrid Michaelson, Andrew Bird, Stephen Kellogg, and many others.

Chris embraces classic Americana with a contemporary feel and utilizes a wide range of textures in creating music rooted in folk and pop, with an emphasis on lyric. Subtle synthesizers, rich harmonies and pop-music sensibilities interweave with acoustic and electric guitars, earthy pianos, and familiar rhythms. For every song that sounds like it could be strummed from a boxcar clacking slowly across a grassy midwestern plain, there's a tune sailing from a city rooftop, echoing across a valley of streets and traffic, or a melody twisting and shimmering like a dim frequency deep into the starry night.

Solo, with Rogue Valley, and his moniker Nobody Kid, Chris has released sixteen albums and EPs. In 2023, Rogue Valley released their 6th album Shell Game. Currently, Chris is rediscovering old sessions and reimagining forgotten material for a new collection tentatively titled Graveyard Shift, the first of which will be released in Fall 2024.

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