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Minneapolis, MN / London, U.K. / Kingston, Ont.
For Fans Of... Hüsker Dü, U.K. Subs, The Mahones

UltraBomb is the brand-new punk outfit hailing from three different countries (USA,

Canada and England), to create one international punk rock power trio super group.

Featuring legendary members Greg Norton (Husker Du), Finny McConnell (The

Mahones) and Jamie Oliver (UK Subs).

UltraBomb formed on July 21, 2021, and recorded their killer debut album "Time To

Burn" in Berlin, Germany in September 2021.

With a working-class ethic and a love of classic punk, UltraBomb wrote and recorded

ten songs in four days and are ready to release Time To Burn that will remind everyone

of the power of melodic hardcore punk at it's finest.

No Name Bar
12:00 AM
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