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The Brothers Burn Mountain

Cotton, MN
Northwoods Rock and Groove
For Fans Of... Frank Zappa, Low, The White Stripes

Based out of Duluth, MN, The Brothers Burn Mountain are a soulful, energetic, eclectic duo of real-life brothers, Ryan and Jesse Dermody. They've been playing music together everyday as a duo for more than 23 years. They've released 11 full-length albums of original music, and have toured across the country over the years, though especially in the Midwest, having played more than 2,000 live shows. Their last album, The Dark Exchange, they recorded and produced with world-famous Alan Sparhawk of Low. Their sound is a roiling melting pot of so many musical influences, that it's hard to describe, except as energetic and eclectic; with afro-cuban rhythms, Zappa-esque spontanaeity, grittiness, bluesyness, tenderness, and a singer-songwriter, folky flair.

They also end each of their sets and their shows with extended drum jams, which are a healing and hypnotic joy each and every time. They've created music with other MN music legends like Ryan Young of Trampled By Turtles and Jerree Small of Southwire and Coyote. They've even played with Charlie Parr.

Their new album The Thrill and the Flame just came out last summer.

Eagles Club
9:00 PM
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