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Space Monkey Mafia

St. Paul, MN
For Fans Of... Streetlight Manifesto, Green Day, Blink 182

Six years into their career, St Paul’s Space Monkey Mafia has emerged as the Midwest’s premier purveyors of high-powered, horn-driven rock music. Founded in 2016, the six-piece band is rooted in the best parts of 90s/00s punk and ska, infused with a healthy dose of contemporary influence, and combined with a lyrical urgency and message to meet the moment.

In a time of social media campaigns and playlist placements, Space Monkey Mafia gained their fanbase the old-fashioned way - by winning them over one show at a time. Quickly earning a reputation for their energetic and danceable live performances, the band showed an immediate eagerness to get in the van and bring their music to as many ears as possible, logging 250 shows in their first few years of existence. Space Monkey Mafia’s first album, “Sorry For Your Time” arrived in March 2018, followed by 2019’s “Captain Crook” EP. After hunkering down during the pandemic, the band returned in May 2022 with the release of “Banned From California." With the next batch of anti-establishment anthems & self care bangers already being compiled, Space Monkey Mafia looks to the horizon, ready to keep audiences skanking for years to come.

Peter's Biergarten
9:15 PM
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