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Purple Funk Metropolis

Minneapolis, MN
For Fans Of... Lettuce, Tower of Power, Black Market Brass

Purple Funk Metropolis is a charismatic seven-piece instrumental band with a raw sound inspired by soul, jazz, funk, and more. Their origins trace back to jazz classes at the University of Minnesota, where Andrew Tomten (Bandleader and saxophone) met Alex Browne (trumpet), Sam Rosenstone (keys), Tarek Abdelqader (drums), and Andy Schupp (bass). Various iterations of bands and musical projects developed until the group, with the addition of Alex Graves (guitar) recorded their first EP Morsels in 2017 under the name Purple Funk Metropolis. The band has continually been performing, recording, and rehearsing since, which has allowed for their sound to mature and evolve. The addition of Evan Slack (guitar) to the group in 2019 added a new level of live energy and allowed for more dense arrangements of tunes old and new. Whether in a Como basement or a downtown dive bar, PFM's energy notoriously gets the whole room dancing.

Their new album The Golden Goose is out now.

Island City Brewing Company
9:00 PM
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