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Punk Rock
For Fans Of... Ramones, Misfits, Link Wray

For a select few, art and rock 'n roll performance is an obsession. Minneapolis' Hastings 3000 is a conceptual solo project that is entrenched in visual and sound.

Hastings 3000 is a one person conceptual rock show with a gas mask, guitar, and a smoke machine. Coupled with pounding tribal beats, lasers, 60's sci-fi samples, and socially conscious lyrics. While deconstructing the traditional rock n' roll band, Hastings 3000 plays a stripped down partially homemade drum kit that he plays using both of his feet, hands, and voice through a distorted echo-plex with energetic stylings of 70's punk to 80's electro.

A recurring theme is the gas mask, which hints at humankind's loss of respect for air, food, water, fire, and earth. Along with donning elaborate costumes, such as ironic extreme capitalistic businessman suits, often referencing the hypocritical aspect of excess, human consumption, and extreme capitalism.

Live performances include deconstructing the "traditional" rock band, as Hastings 3000 often plays a stripped down, partially homemade drum kit, an electric guitar with a pencil, and vocalizing socially and politically conscious lyrics.

No Name Bar
7:00 PM
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