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The Violet Nines

Saturday | 9:45-10:45pm
The Root Note

The Violet Nines are a vibrant outfit from Minneapolis, MN that play groove pop; rhythm-centric alternative fused with funk, rock and R&B. Known for their multi-fronted approach (like Lawrence but more of a Jungle or Foster the People vibe), the band connects through their electric live performances, prominent grooves and rousing saxophone.

As described by music critic Dave Franklin as, “smooth and sensual but also confident and commercial, the pitch perfect between chart territory and a more interesting, more underground roots world.”

After a few of the band’s music videos have caught circulation (one on a moving boat with Nick surfing and playing guitar simultaneously), The Violet Nines have been heard around the U.S. on college and independent radio. Heading into 2022, the V9s have several releases on the docket, accompanied by their first tour (shows in Chicago, Denver, and more) and big plans on the horizon.

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