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The Immaculate Beings

Friday | 11pm-12:15am
The Root Note

The Immaculate Beings is a queer, psychedelic, indie band focused on the importance of self-love, care, and validation through music and performance. Coming together from across the Midwest, Trevor (vox, guitar), Griffin (lead guitar), Martin (drums), Christian (bass, backup vox), Casey (backup vox), and Staurie (keys, backup vox), have dedicated their music careers to helping create a safe space, which is showcased in their first full-length album, "Mental Space.". Debuting at First Avenue's 7th Street Entry in January of 2020, the band has received high praise for the production, musicianship, and overall message of the record. The Immaculate Beings honest and full dedication is to creating safe spaces where people can be reminded of how much they matter in this world. Their live shows have been called “mind-blowing”, “electric candy” and “loaded with spine-chilling grooves”. They remind everyone that they are loved, while effortlessly rocking faces off.

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