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St Anthony Mann

Friday | 6-7pm
The Main

Playing experimental indie folk enlivened by obscure arrangements and poetic lyrics, St. Anthony Mann is the stage name of Adam Bjoraker. What felt much like a personal debut after self-producing an EP and an LP, LISSI came forth like a marvelous wound amidst the early pandemic. JT Bates (Big Red Machine, Taylor Swift) co-produced the record and features, as does Michael Lewis (Bon Iver), Pieta Brown, as well as bandmates Ben McKeown (drums), Matt Tessier (bass), DJ LaFonstee (guitar), all influencing and helping to give the band a signature sound.

Born in St. Paul, Minnesota, Adam first broke into music in high school, playing finger-style guitar and experimenting with alternate tunings. After finding a voice and spending formative years in the Midwestern plains, he decided to bring what he’d learned in Milwaukee, Wisconsin back home to Minnesota, where he’d record his first music under the new moniker.

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