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Friday | 5:45-6:30pm
The Root Note

Fronted by three sisters who write beautifully self-aware and earnest songs, Hannah, Mookie, and Bex Morton are the foundation of LASKA. The mystical, harmony-driven sound draws from the midwestern heartland just as much as the Los Angleles coast, and continues to evolve as their landscape changes. All three sisters contribute to the writing and have a way of leaving you at the beck and call of a song’s emotional territory. Haunting, reflective, and lovely. Since their formation in 2016, the band has grown to be a six-piece act. Their live sound blends rugged guitar, synthesizers, and pedal affected violins, bringing listeners from song-in-your-bedroom intimacy to vast moments in sonic canyons. The Mortons play alongside Evan Middlesworth (producer and guitar) and Robbie Weisshaar (bass).

The collection of songs on LASKA’s acclaimed new album ”Endless Patcher” (June 3 release) hits the sweet spot that sits between folk-influenced pop and rock. What you hear on "Endless Patcher" isn’t really a patchwork, as the album’s evocative title might lead you to believe. It’s an album that addresses the density of lived experience, and it’s very American – in the best sense of that term. If a record can be both mystical and grounded in the everyday, "Endless Patcher" fits the bill.

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