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Kat and the Hurricane

Friday | 6-6:45pm
Popcorn Tavern

Kat and the Hurricane is an award-winning genre- and gender-bending indie-pop/synth-rock trio from Madison, Wisconsin. Lead singer/guitarist Kat Farnsworth (they/them), keyboardist/vocalist Benjamin Rose (they/them), and drummer Alex Nelson (they/them) deliver a unique blend of pop and haunting indie rock they affectionately refer to as "sad lesbian music."

Kat and the Hurricane’s 2021 release EP “The Sorry EP” (which the Madison Area Music Association recently named Best Rock Album of the Year) demonstrates their ability to mix uncompromising pop, evocative lyrics, and powerhouse vocals to make music reminiscent of any tropical storm - surging, fierce, and guaranteed to knock you off your feet. Their inspirations range from bands such as Paramore, PRONOUN, and Tegan and Sara. Emotionally-charged but dancey, their music is sure to strike a chord with any audience.

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