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Kat and the Hurricane

Sat. Nov 4 | 8:15pm
Root Note

Kat and the Hurricane is a genre- and gender-bending indie-pop/synth-rock trio from Madison, Wisconsin. Lead singer/guitarist Kat Rhapsody (they/them), keyboardist/vocalist Benjamin Rose (they/them), and drummer Alex Nelson (they/them) deliver a unique blend of pop and haunting indie rock they affectionately refer to as "sad lesbian music." Or to put it in technical terms, a gender- and genre-defiant mix of queer emo jams & sapphic bops.

Their newest single is no different. Elder sibling of the trio's breakout single, "Sorry That I'm Like This," "On My Way Back" is an indie-pop dance anthem about moving through trauma and shame toward healing. "On My Way Back" blends synths, addictive guitar riffs, and the band's signature soaring harmonies into an anthemic reminder that there's always a way home to yourself.

Kat and the Hurricane was recently voted the Madison Area Music Association (MAMA) 2023 Artist of the Year, affirming their rise as breakouts of their local music community.

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