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Johanna Rose

Friday | 6-7pm
Grounded Café

Johanna Rose is a multi-instrumentalist, singer, songwriter, and audio engineer born and raised in Milwaukee, WI. Their songs are deeply personal, unashamed, confessions put to an impressive array of instrumentation.

Johanna resides in an off-grid treehouse they built themselves in the North East Kingdom of Vermont where they perform solo and with the VT based femme-led trio, Lavendula.

Johanna spent the last decade playing upright bass, singing and songwriting in various bands in Milwaukee and Portland, OR, notably, The Calamity Janes and the Fratney Street Band, RuthB8r Ginsberg, New Boyz Club, and the renowned duo, Nickel&Rose, with whom Johanna spent the four years leading up to the pandemic touring internationally.

The standstill and isolation of 2020 inspired Johanna to start putting music out under their own name. In March of 2020, Johanna released postponedalone, “a series of demos, voice memos, and songs recorded at 3AM, old and new, put together in one lo-fi emotional outburst, a dissonant shout into the void, proof of my existence - that I loved, got pissed, surveyed and contemplated my life, and was maybe occasionally happy.”

This was followed in May of 2020 by the more polished EP, Only Good Nites. Their most recent release, Eat The Rich, is a song off the digital 7”, Hunter’s Moon, a collaboration with the Austin, TX based singer-songwriter, Sugar Ransom.

In the summer of 2020 Johanna built the treehouse in Vermont. This was documented in the three-part mini series, Loon Lake, by Dan Boville. While there, Johanna wrote the album, Lunar Eclipse, which they recorded and mixed the following winter. Lunar Eclipse was released during the “super flower blood moon” lunar eclipse, on May 26, 2021.

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