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Courtney Hartman

Saturday | 6-7pm
The Main

Courtney Hartman is a Colorado-born guitarist, singer, writer and producer best known for

her work beneath the surface, writing and recording with artists throughout the folk community.

With the release of her newest album,Glade, Courtney takes us with her into a world of her own

making, with songs about home and abiding; pulling out the marrow of what makes us good and

what makes us kin. Written in the year following her return to a childhood home, the songs emanate

from a place of quiet and sifting out. Although she brought in a handful of friends to contribute

from a distance, for the most part, Glade was crafted alone in the dark morning hours. Acoustic

Guitar Magazine recognizes Courtney as a “distinctive guitar stylist... and a songwriter that delights

and disturbs” while PopMatters calls her music “a delicate light glistening softly in the darkness.”

Her debut album, Ready Reckoner, was written amidst a 500-mile walking pilgrimage and features

collaborations with Bill Frisell, Anais Mitchell, Shazhad Ismaily and Sam Amidon. In 2014 Courtney

received a GRAMMY nomination for her work with folk quintet Della Mae and in 2017 she was

nominated for Instrumentalist of the Year by the Americana Music Association. She will be touring

throughout the fall and winter in support of her album,Glade.

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