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Annie and the Bang Bang

Sat. Nov 4 | 1:30pm
The Weber Center

Fronted and founded by fight director, songwriter, and guitarist Annie Enneking, Annie and the Bang Bang are a force for good in the Twin Cities music scene. They make music with love and in the spirit of adventure, translating the human experience through deeply felt, cinematically narrative anthems - kind of like drive-in movies you can dance to. Known for their potent performances, they genre hop from dreamy folkpop to swampy psychedelic grooves to a grunge-meets-classic rock vibe, crafting musical gems that value energy, animal intelligence, poetry, and mischief. Kari Tweiten is a lead-with-the-heart bass monster, John Riedlinger revs riffs like a vintage muscle car, and Mike Kittel's percussive intelligence drives the beating heart of the band. They just celebrated their sixth anniversary, and are about to release RADIO BABY, a 1970s infused alt-rock double album - think Fleetwood Mac meets Nirvana or Big Star meets REM. Andrea Swensson says "Front woman Annie Enneking leads the group with an honest voice dedicated to telling the stories of underdogs and unsung heroes." Beach Sloth notes the band’s “gleeful abandon, and a wild feral energy.” Come on feel the noise.

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