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Minneapolis, MN

Punk Rock

Taylor Kraemer (she/they), eventual vocalist and keytarist of VIAL, left a DIY show in Minneapolis with the goal to start a band. Kraemer quickly recruited friends from after-school music lessons, guitarist/vocalist KT Branscom (they/them) and bassist/yeller Kate Kanfield (they/them). 24 hours and a band Tinder account later, they matched with drummer/vocalist Katie Fischer (she/they). Over the next two years, the band would release their debut Grow Up to critical acclaim, receive Best New Band honors from the City Pages, and grow a faithful TikTok following on the road to their sophomore album.

LOUDMOUTH is here. Building on the band’s indie-punk DNA, it’s equal parts volatile and vulnerable. Producer Henry Stoehr (Slow Pulp) approaches the band’s core tenacity with an open heart, unleashing energy informed by guts, not necessarily genre. The band’s punk rock roots pack plenty of punch (“Planet Drool”) while new-wave moments (“Something More”) rub elbows with WLW songs that wear roughness on their sleeves (“Violet”). There’s even a carnivalesque intro, reclaiming for VIAL what it means to be ringmaster (“Ego Death”). After all: in their three-ring circus, there’s no room for clowns. (James Cassar)

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