Minneapolis, MN

Indie Rock + Horns

The Dance, NATL PARK SRVC’s debut album, is more than just an escape — it’s a culmination. Every teenage emotion that felt too big to be real comes swirling together across ten tracks of dynamic indie rock. The Minneapolis, MN group epitomizes these experiences in a way that is familiar yet intimate.

It took them a long time to get here. Over the course of 2019, the original lineup — dual guitarist/vocalists Dylan Woytcke (they/he) and Jared Leger (he/him), and bassist Nathan Zillmer (he/they) — released three EPs and fleshed out the band. A fourth EP, released in 2020, added members with violinist Sam Tudor (he/him), saxophonist Wes Muilenburg (they/them), trombonist Joe Keyport (they/he), and drummer Sage Livergood (he/they).

Lead single “The Sharks” kicks off NATL PARK SRVC’s new era with aplomb. It reels you in with fluorescent power pop melodies. But behind that pop sheen lies the consternation of youth. The band takes you through a tale of love, escape, and celebration just as much as it unabashedly shows the pain of depression and loss.

Evoking a bygone time of heart-on-sleeve indie, NATL PARK SRVC is making their presence known and urging you to take up the dance.