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Mae Simpson

Minneapolis, MN

Jam Rock

The Mae Simpson band is pure energy and soul. The singer-songwriter Mae who hails from South Carolina, has a huge voice and stage presence. She has brought together a collective of seven musicians who each bring a unique flavor to this powerhouse group. Formed in the fall of 2017, Mae Simpson Band have built a broad collection of original music that refuses to fall neatly into a single genre. Blistering funk and dance music mixed with soul, blues, country, calypso, jazz, rock, and even a little hip hop — bringing the crowd to their feet every time. In the spring of 2018 the band won the Battle of the Bands at Famous Dave’s and opened the Lowertown Blues Festival. Since that time Mae has been a Nominee for City Pages “Best New Band and Best Live Concert” . Going on to WIN City Pages Reader's Choice Best New Band. From playing at First Avenue to Dakota Jazz the band can also be seen at a range of music festivals and venues in the region. Playing with acts like Dermot Kennedy, Robert Cray, Pert Near Sandstone, and many more.

“Mae does things her own way. That means directly connecting with as many audience members as possible. She called us all in close. Those trickling in would just have to hang toward the back. Too bad, because she’s that rare breed that locks eyes with you and demands that you boogie and bounce with her. Many artists invite audience participation. She points right at you and demands it. She’s driving the rock and roll bus. You’re either on the bus or you’re not. She doesn’t like leaving stragglers.

Her show is celebration. Sweat. Flying red hair and leaps from the drum riser. I asked myself if she’s the kind of woman who might come to your house, get excited and accidentally break something in her exuberance. You bet. Is the day coming that she sprains an ankle or tears a meniscus? Believe it. And that’s cool. Nobody ever said rock and roll is for those willing to play it safe.

Mae Simpson is developing a catalog of original music which runs deep. She can pen a lyric that makes you sing back at her. The band’s stylistic range is impressive. You can pull that off if you have back up singers; when you incorporate horns and supplemental percussion. It just takes longer for a band like this to find its groove. How do you get bigger and badder without stepping all over each other’s toes? Make it all meld? Mae Simpson is that tumbling agate. ” - Jack Campbell

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