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Good Night Gold Dust

Mankato, MN

Indie Pop

Good Night Gold Dust is a Mankato, MN-based indie pop ensemble led by vocalists/guitarists Laura Schultz and Colin Scharf. ATWOOD Magazine describes their music as "amplified intimacy", which is the perfect descriptor for how GNGD blends the writing styles of its songwriting duo. Laura Schultz’s cuts are brooding, atmospheric reminders of Björk’s calmer moments; Colin Scharf’s are frenetic and angular, rooted in punk and dance. Their lyrics center around themes of loss, narrow escape, and forgiveness. On stage, GNGD’s energetic and emotional performances transform the dreamscapes of their recordings into a powerful cinematic reality. In 2020, GNGD released three self-produced singles – “Owls”, “Ring”, and “What A Time”. The latter track, an explosive distillation of life during quarantine, enjoyed time as the Song of the Day on 89.3 The Current in January 2020.

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