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creeping charlie

Minneapolis, MN

Indie Rock

creeping charlie, composed of sister duo Julia (lead singer/ guitarist/ songwriter) and Esmé Eubanks (bassist), later incorporating Jack Malone (drums) and Harry Miles of Atomic Cafe (guitar), released their debut EP Asymmetrical in May, 2020, and it landed high up on NACC, tying with iconic acts like Car Seat Headrest and STRFKR. December 2021, they released their debut record, How to Kill Creeping Charlie blending a Patti Smith early punk ethos through a guitar-driven 90’s Seattle pastiche, interweaving sonic experimentation with irresistible hooks. With this, the 10 tracks on How to Kill Creeping Charlie—ranging from quietly reflective to balls-out rocking—paint a vivid picture of youth and the alienating times we live in, and how to find redemption.

creeping charlie "makes music for cool older sisters" extending from soft ballads to indie and punk rock. Inspired by the likes of Mazzy Star, Built to Spill, and Nirvana, be prepared to both cry and get sucked into a mosh pit at their shows. creeping charlie is a fresh act in the Minneapolis music scene, having debuted here in the midst of COVID. Taking the scene by storm, they kicked off the summer by playing their first show and closed it by headlining a show to a crowd of over 350. creeping charlie is bigger than the recordings— it’s invasive and everywhere. You may be wondering\How to Kill Creeping Charlie; you can’t.

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