Annie and the Bang Bang

Minneapolis, MN


Fronted and founded by fight director, songwriter, and guitarist Annie Enneking, Annie and the Bang Bang are a Minneapolis rock band. All multi-disciplined artists, they genre hop from dreamy folkpop to swampy psychedelic grooves to a grunge-meets-late-sixties vibe, crafting musical gems that value energy, animal intelligence, poetry, and mischief.

Annie believes songwriting is an act of spiritual archeology and so sifts through words to find bones of song, telling stories about being a person in a world full of complicated people. She relies on the artistry, thick invention, and dig-right-down-into-it-ness of the Bang Bang: the stacked chording and “just what the song wants” guitar of John Riedlinger, the lead-with-the-heart bass monster that is Kari Tweiten, and the heavy adventure and sharp, corner-turning drums of Mike Kittel.

The band has found, over the years, a collaborative sweet spot — all members contribute song ideas, and all members have a similar work ethic: focus and joy in the making, fulfilled by connection and community in the delivering. Their dedication to craft shares equal footing with a penchant for novelty, discovery, and play. Each member brings immense energy and commitment to the work, fueling the collective joy and success of the band. The communal experience of playing music with one another and for other people is the driving force of their passion and purpose.

The most recent - and much-anticipated - second release of 2021 is WALKIE TALKIE, a sort of love letter to rock and roll. Much of the energy on the album comes from a mid-pandemic longing for connection and a serious itch to create. The band’s drummer, Mike Kittel, crafted a labyrinth of plastic in his south Minneapolis basement so the band could practice together as safely as possible. WALKIE TALKIE is a reflection of and reaction to the pandemic’s crushing isolation and fear. The liberation the band experienced playing together again fuel the music’s surging joy, and the songs channel the "simpler times” of classic rock. Beach Sloth says of the album: “The volume here demands to be blasted for they tap into a purely physical force. Layer upon layer of sound is added with such majesty. Interplay of the band proves to be exceptional, for their sound feels absolutely timeless.”

The band charted on the Local Current with their single “Explode With Happy, Man!” (also a top ten pick of local legend, Jim Walsh), and their video for “Funeral for Fun” was an official selection for the Independent Filmmaker’s Project MNTV programming showcase, which aired on Twin Cities Public Television and was installed in the Walker Art Museum’s film and video collection. They have thrice been selected as MNSpin artists, a curated music program hosted by the Minneapolis Public Library. Their song “Good Dog” (off of LOVELAND) was in heavy rotation on The Current, and the band joined many local luminaries as guests on the station’s SOUNDS LIKE HOME series.

Andrea Swenson says "Front woman Annie Enneking leads the group with an honest voice dedicated to telling the stories of underdogs and unsung heroes." Cyn Collins says of Loveland: “Annie and the Bang Bang’s riveting new rock album is rich with Annie Enneking’s sultry, strong vocals soaring and diving into raw emotional depths - reminiscent of P.J. Harvey and Grace Slick – equally compelling with her at times wryly witty, at others darkly mysterious Southern Gothic storytelling style lyrics. The band performs vibrant real rock – some songs shambolic and raucous, others psychedelic tinged, with mesmerizingly hypnotic vibes.” Beach Sloth also says also says the band has a “gleeful abandon, and a wild feral energy.” Of the song “Good Dog” (LOVELAND) Melodic Noise says the song is “instantly engaging...soaring choruses with thick distortion and powerful vocal melodies."

In addition to playing regularly in their hometown of Minneapolis, they embark on touring adventures throughout the Midwest and Colorado with their tiny trailer and trusty band mascot “Bun Bun,” a plastic light up rabbit rescued from the trash the day before one of their many tours.