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Lake Elmo & Minnetonka, MN
Rock n Roll
For Fans Of... Zeus, Dr. Dog & The Band

Ruben was originally formed in 2002 as a pop-punk project of childhood friends brothers Sam and Mack Ziemer and their neighborhood friend Dan Schiltz. After a few years their music gradually shifted away from their 3 chord rock days as more and more diverse influences crept in. From their earliest releases which featured more down-home rock sounds with influences by the likes of The Band, Bob Dylan and CCR, to their latest release 2013's "The Orchard" which featured the band exploring broader arrangements with horn sections and 4 part harmonies, echoing sounds of Pet Sounds era Beach Boys and The Rolling Stones, Ruben is a band constantly changing as their interests evolve. Now, Ruben is set to release their long-awaited next album this Spring titled "Plain American". It's an album nearly 7 years in the making; a process surrounded by major life events and grueling setbacks, which makes it that much more a labor of love. The new album shows the bands songwriting maturing and fully embracing the idea that the song itself is the most important thing and building off that using elements of rock, country, folk and soul blending together to making a coherent sound all their own.

Eagles Club
6:15 PM
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