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Saint Paul, Makurdi
Alternative Soul
For Fans Of... Erykah Badu, Sweet Honey in the Rock and India Arie

Kashimana is a mother, musician, singer, songwriter, composer, producer, guitarist, and performing teaching artist with a rich soulful blues voice that soars through their original compositions. The name Kashimana means 'that's her heart' and you can hear the heart beating in the compelling sound of Kashimana’s music. Kashimana often draws inspiration from her experiences growing up in Nigeria, Kenya, traveling through Africa, Europe and finally settling in the United States. Mixing Pop, Soul, R&B and more, Kashimana’s distinctive voice and stage presence pulls you in and leaves you in a warm and fuzzy thrall that’s hard to shake.

“My voice has been my closest companion, with my voice, I see other universes and possibilities; with my voice, I hear the joy, the pain, where I come from and where I am going; with my voice, I heal, soothe, and create; with my voice, I am able to connect, harmonize, magnify, communicate, and transmogrify.”

Blooming Grounds
6:45 PM
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