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Goon Tribune

Minneapolis, MN
Twin Cities Hip Hop
For Fans Of... J DIlla, MF DOOM, Kendrick Lamar, Jurassic 5

Goon Tribune draw on classical training to bring heightened theatricality to their music. Through vivid storytelling, fueled by the voices of Jazz and Hip-Hop, Dr. Goon and the Daily Tribune speak on themes of justice, love, loss, and the innumerable forms of medicine.

Live band comprised of artist Ian McCarthy on vocals, Nick Benish (Covalent Blonde, Trent Romens Band) on Bass and Keys, Andrew Tomten (Purple Funk Metropolis, Tabah, Wry Samurai) on Saxophone, Tarek Abdelqader (Purple Funk Metropolis, Bird Room, A.P. Simpson) on drums.

Levee Park
6:00 PM
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