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Minneapolis, MN
Instrumental Rock Duo
For Fans Of... The Police, Melvins, My Bloody Valentine, Lightning Bolt

“When I walked up to the house for the birthday party, Charlie was spraying two people with the garden hose that were wrestling in his yard.” -Garrett Benson (Drums).

Triumphant and euphoric, Twin Cities guitar and drums duo, CRASH CUDDLE traverse and challenge the boundaries of contemporary Instrumental Rock Music. Animate beings Garrett Benson (drums) and Charles Duda (guitar) take cues from a myriad of genre, resulting in a wall of sound ruckus, and a thunderous cacophony of melody.

CRASH CUDDLE was birthed out of ether in Mankato, Minnesota and have played-over the Midwest for over a decade. In 2023, CRASH CUDDLE will independently release their Freshman album, KLAXON on Record and Cassette format. KLAXON, an in-the-raw-live tracking, is a cohesive body of work that speaks through an amalgamation of sounds, textures, time-changes and feels. A well sequenced record that shapes a narrative, expressing subtitles verses abrasiveness, and carries a gravity all its own. From a warm embrace to a pyroclastic flow, it is deceptive how much sound can be generated with these cosmic travelers.

No Name Bar
9:30 PM
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