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Cass Magpie

La Crosse, WI
Indie Folk
For Fans Of... Elliott Smith, Sharon Van Etton, Jeff Buckley

Cass Magpie is the solo project of Cassie Brady [The Lavender Project and Echo Black River]. In 2021 she began work on her first EP - "I am THIS". This first title was a small set of queer punk songs recorded on an old, cigarette stained 8-track.

The Magpie sound deviated hard to a collection of soft- but dark folk songs about a fictional city and an inhabitant in it. The album, "Two Seasons", at times reminiscent of bedroom pop, other times carry anti-establishment themes.

The latest Cass Magpie project- in collaboration with Tyler Steinly [Sleeping Jesus, Swashbuckler, Afflatus] moves towards a more electronic sound. While this 8 song collection remains unnamed, it carries very defined themes of girlhood reclaimation. Listeners can stream an early demo, "Daisies", from the collection online. Its full release is set for summer 2023.

Photo by Rosei Skipper

Blooming Grounds
4:15 PM
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