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Minneapolis, MN
For Fans Of... Melvins, Babes in Toyland, The Stooges

Minneapolis’s premiere Power-Slop act. Formed in 2014 bellied up at Grumpy’s Bar in downtown MPLS, this 4 piece-turned trio-turned quartet-turned trio-turned duo-one time a single person act-turned quartet loves to shred the gnar. Drawing on the Pixies Loud-Quiet-Loud songwriting approach, BUSEY has adopted a Loud-Louder-Loud architecture. BUSEY is a guttural, primitive, and jagged rock and roll experience. You called down the thunder, well you got it, and we’re selling merch on the back table.

Current line-up is: Dan Berndt - Guitar/Vox, Ryan Keyes -Stage Left Drums, Marcus Jones - Stage Right Drums, and Jesse Berndt - Bass.

No Name Bar
5:45 PM
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