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Black Velvet Punks

Minneapolis, MN
Jazz punk, hip-hop fusion
For Fans Of... Meshell Ndegeocello, The Internet

Black Velvet Punks is a jazz punk, neo-soul and hip hop group that consists of founder Taylor Ngiri Seaberg (they/them), a genderqueer multi-instrumentalist, Traiveon Dunlap (drums and vocals), and Roderick Glasper (bass).

Black Velvet Punks stands for any players that join with the soulful brainchild to emphasize the kick and splatter of punk with a tapestry of neo-soul charm and smoothness. The group has performed at Walker Art Center's Terrace Thursdays, 2019 Indeed Hullabaloo, KFAI MinneCulture, First Avenue Goes to the Minnesota State Fair, MCN6's Bands on Vans Series, 331 Club Art-A-Whirl and more.

No Name Bar
8:15 PM
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