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Big Salt

Minneapolis, MN
Punk/Garage Rock
For Fans Of... Black Sabbath, Stooges, Heart

This rock group of ne’er-do-wells know how to strike a chord with audiences. A mixture of garage and punk rock with melodious, catchy songs, BIG SALT grinds it out as a four-piece with distorted and ambient guitars, rumbling basslines, titanic drums, and buttery vocals that bite hard.

The band is comprised of Sally on vocals, who sings with passion and has emphatic stage presence; Eva, who handles six string duties, coercing powerful riffs from a blue Les Paul; Angie, who switches off and on the bass with Sally and also provides an ambient guitar counterpoint to Eva’s power chords and riffs; and Milan who strikes the drum kit with power and rhythmic dexterity.

Drawing influences from early punk, metal and grunge-era bands, BIG SALT definitely has its own voice with songs that capture defiance with bold, raw confidence.

Peter's Biergarten
5:00 PM
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