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Alien Book Club

Minneapolis, MN
Classic rock
For Fans Of... Frank Zappa, Early Eyes

As Hale-Bopp passed parhelion in 1997, outgassing countless tiny particles into the thermosphere, something strange happened. Seven of these extraterrestrial dust specs survived the crushing pressure of earth's atmospheric shield and landed, unbeknownst to humanity, in the dumpster of a local library. The dark and musty environment combined with a steady supply of nutritious corrugated boxes allowed the spores to germinate and form into 6 fully sized 'humans' after 20 years of incubation. Now, they must wait long and lonely millenia until the year 4385 when the Hale-Bopp returns and they can return at last to the deep reaches of space from whence they came. To pass the time, they make weird music.

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